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Slide backgroundGarteiser Honea handles complex intellectual property disputes as lead counsel, whether prosecuting or defending, and is dedicated to winning high-stakes trials and appeals in courts across the country.We specialize in ip litigation.
Slide background!!!In 2012, Garteiser Honea squared off against more than half of the top 25 IP law firms.* We successfully manage large campaigns by combining small firm flexibility with large firm results.

* As ranked by Vault’s® Best Law Firms in Intellectual Property.
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...[T]he key thing to remember is that the patent isn’t
self-enforcing. It is not self-executing. Unless you can go
to court and get enforcement of the patent, it actually
has no value. It is something like a prize at a high school
science fair. It is a piece of paper that recognizes an
achievement, but economically, in terms of industry
growing, it is nothing unless and until it can be enforced.

We're in your corner.
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Garteiser Honea has delivered positive results on over 98% of its cases. The numbers speak for themselves.

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“For over twenty years I tried both by myself and through numerous other law firms to bring to closure my copyright dispute with The Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Little did I know that about a year ago a chance referral would bring me to these talented and dedicated men. They were able to carry this case forward to an agreeable and (I believe) fair settlement. I know no one else could have achieved this, because I had tried.”

Wayne Peterson
Peterson v. Harley-Davidson

“Garteiser Honea defended my company, iShopUSA, Inc., in a patent infringement lawsuit adverse DE Technologies. They did an excellent job of controlling costs and were actually under budget. The case resolved on favorable terms for us, thanks to the firm’s excellent briefing.”

Raul Rubio

“I hired Garteiser Honea after Extenda Communications was sued for indemnification. The attorneys at Garteiser Honea were quick, responsive and affordable. Unlike with most firms, I was always in direct communication with the senior level attorneys about the status of my case. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Russell Schmidt
President of Extenda Communications Corporation