Garteiser Honea is a litigation boutique dedicated to winning high-stakes trials and appeals in courts across the country. We handle complex intellectual-property and business disputes as lead counsel. And given our experience and familiarity with federal and state courts in East Texas and Northern California, we often entertain requests to serve as local counsel here.

Garteiser Honea

Our attorneys come from top-ranked law schools and from prestigious judicial clerkships for federal trial or appeals judges. We have represented individuals and Fortune 500 companies, both as plaintiffs and as defendants, and we have won cases at every level: from state trial courts, to federal district and circuit courts, to the U.S. Supreme Court. We prepare cases to go to trial. And we do so intelligently, mapping out the best strategies with our clients to accomplish their legal and business goals.

As lawyers, we focus on what matters for our clients. Integrity. Intelligence. Results.