Garteiser Honea Defeats Perkins Coie in Heated Arbitration.

(Saturday, November 3, 2012 – Palo Alto, CA)  An arbitrator made a determination in a contractual dispute between Garteiser Honea’s client, Exygy, LLC, and GreatNonprofits, represented by Perkins Coie.  The verdict: it’s another win for a Garteiser Honea client.

The dispute arose over failure to pay on a contract for custom software development.  When GreatNonprofit’s CEO, a graduate of Harvard Law and former member of the California Bar, called in a favor with internationally recognized Perkins Coie, Exygy reached out to Garteiser Honea for help.

Garteiser Honea, an intellectual property litigation firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, was pleased with the results: an award in favor of its client and the relatively uncommon additional award of its arbitration expenses.  Garteiser Honea was particularly pleased, but not surprised, to find satisfaction for its client against Perkins Coie.  Squaring off against big companies and large law firms is where Garteiser Honea feels most comfortable—where its combination of big law skills and boutique flexibility pays off.  And if its growing record is any indication, Garteiser Honea is one law firm not to be disregarded.