Samsung to pay $11M to Rembrandt Wireless for Infringement of Bluetooth Patents

(Marshall, TX, March 28, 2018) – Judge Gilstrap today ordered Samsung to pay $11,111,920 to Rembrandt Wireless for infringement of two patents related to Bluetooth technology.

In Rembrandt Wireless Technologies, LP vs. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC, case no. 2:13-cv-00213-JRG (EDTX), Judge Rodney Gilstrap today granted Rembrandt’s proposal to calculate royalties per-unit sold rather than Samsung’s attempted per-day calculations.  A jury had previously found Samsung guilty of the infringement, and today’s decision was denying Samsung’s proposal to calculate damages using a model favorable to them.  This potential discrepancy would have cost Rembrandt $2.4 million.

With 290 million accused devices at stake, the difference in Rembrandt’s original proposal of $0.05-$0.11 per unit sold and Samsung’s lump-sum offer of $500,000 was considerable.  The jury agreed with Rembrandt, awarding them $15.7 million.  Samsung appealed based on Rembrandt’s requirement to mark its patent.  The Federal Circuit agreed and passed the case back to the District Court.  The Court took the jury’s award amount per phone ($15.7M/290M phones) and multiplied it by the number of currently accused sales (205M), which came out to $11,111,920.

Read the Memorandum Opinion and Order here and the Amended Final Judgment here.