Colin Jensen


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Colin Jensen is an expert-generalist. Having a diverse professional and academic skill-set from which he oversees operations at Garteiser Honea, Mr. Jensen has a unique ability to ensure all the tools and processes necessary for success are in place at all times. Previous to Garteiser Honea, Mr. Jensen served in executive capacities in multiple corporations, primarily in the tech and educational verticals. For almost 10 years he was VP of Operations, then COO for a transnational intellectual property holding company, launching, funding, and developing companies and products based on that intellectual property. In this capacity he worked daily with many tech giants, largely in project management and bizdev roles. Outside of patents, in his career Mr. Jensen also built an influential magazine, pivoted a well-known K-12 private school, and was the chief administrator of a small college.

In the evenings, Colin has taught everything from Accounting to Programming to Latin at the schools and colleges. He has been recently published in Forbes, Slate, Inc. and The Huffington Post; been quoted in TechCrunch and The Guardian; and wrote a monthly column on emerging technologies in the printing industry. An Eagle Scout with 25 years in the martial arts, Colin is a Marin County native who works mostly out of our Tyler office. Last but most, Colin has a wonderful wife and four brilliant children.

Education and Experience:

Colin earned an MBA in Strategic Leadership at Dominican University, focusing his thesis on technical analysis and algorithmic trading. Before that he earned a B.A. in Teaching from Brigham Young University.