Blue Spike settles with Cognitive Networks (formerly TV Interactive Systems).

(Monday, June 10, 2013 – Tyler, TX): Blue Spike recently reached another favorable settlement, this time with a major player in the media content recognition industry. Cognitive Networks has agreed to settle Blue Spike’s claims that it infringed Blue Spike’s foundational abstraction patents.

Cognitive Networks, formally TV Interactive Systems, is a “market-leading content recognition service provider” that informs broadcasters what viewers are watching on their smart televisions.* Cognitive Networks’ service relies on digital fingerprinting—a process in which a small digital “fingerprint” or “abstract” is created to represent a larger media file (such as a television show). Blue Spike patented several inventions in this field and has alleged that Cognitive Networks’ service was built on unlicensed patented technology. 

Blue Spike’s founder, Scott Moskowitz, is a pioneer in the fields of digital fingerprinting and digital watermarking. His research and 80+ patented inventions helped shape the digital landscape, and many companies using digital fingerprinting or digital watermarking rely heavily on his innovative contributions.

Blue Spike continues its litigation against many digital fingerprinting companies whose products are powered by unlicensed Blue Spike technology.

Blue Spike LLC is represented by Garteiser Honea, P.C.
Cognitive Networks is represented by Perkins Coie LLP.