East Texas Jury Returns $18.8 Million Verdict in Patent Infringment Case

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English: I took photo with Canon camera in Tyler, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Tyler, Texas Friday, June 6, 2014) An East Texas Jury returned am $18.8 million verdict in favor of the Plaintiff in EON Corp. IP Holdings, LLC v. Silver Spring Networks, Inc., 6:11-cv-0317-JDL (E.D. Tex. 2011). EON sued several defendants in along with Silver Spring in June 2011 claiming Silver Spring’s two-way communications network and related software violated EON’s U.S. Patent Nos. 5,388,101; 5,481,546; and 5,592,491.

While at least 18 other defendants settled before going to trial, Silver Spring pressed forward through unsuccessful mediation to trial which commenced on June 2. Counsel for Silver Spring vehemently argued that EON’s patent claims were invalid. The Jury determined otherwise and found that Silver Spring failed to prove invalidity of any of the seven asserted claims. Patent Litigator Randall Garteiser who observed the trial stated “Plaintiff’s patent infringement expert was intelligent and did an excellent job presenting the facts to the jury.” The jury responded to the entire proceeding by awarding $18.8 to EON.

EON was represented by Daniel Scardino and Ray Mort of Reed & Scardino LLP, and Deron Dacus of the Dacus Firm PC.

Silver Spring was represented by S. Calvin Capshaw III, Elizabeth L. DeRieux and D. Jeffrey Rambin of Capshaw Derieux LLP, Robert Kramer, Bonnie Lau, C. Gideon Korrell and C. Michael Moore of Dentons US LLP and in-house counsel Alan Hodes.


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