Samsung Also Found to be Willfully Infringing in $7M Verdict

samsung-logo(Tyler, Texas – February 9, 2016)  A jury handed down a $7 million verdict against Samsung on Friday, finding they willfully infringed various patents owned by Imperium IP Holdings.

A finding of willfulness notably allows the Judge to increase the fine, up to triple.

The case involved US Patent Numbers 6,271,884 and 6,836,290, both technologies for improving the quality of photos. The jury disagreed with Samsung’s contention that the patents were obvious, awarding Imperium $4.8 million for the claims in the first patent and $2.1 million for the second. The suit also involved Imperium’s Patent 7,092,029.

Imperium was represented in 4:14-cv-00371 by Fisch Sigler LLP’s Alan Fisch and Roy Sigler, as well as David Sanders, John Battaglia, Desmond Jui, Silvia Jordan, Jeffrey Saltman, Jennifer Robinson, and Sruli Yellin.

Samsung put forth Ropes Gray LLP’s Jesse J. Jenner, Alexander Middleton, Christopher John Harnett, Courtney Marie Cox, Kevin Post, Matthew Shapiro, Rebecca Carrizosa, Sam Brenner, Scott Taylor and Steven Pepe; as well as Siebman Burg Phillips and Smith LLP’s Clyde Siebman; and Potter Minton PC’s Allen Gardner, John Bufe and Michael E. Jones.


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