Your primary benefit working at Garteiser Honea will always be a strongly competitive salary.

But GH employees also value a highly varied workflow, flexible hours, and the sense of purpose they feel when working on high-impact high-profile cases, either while defending major corporations from frivolous lawsuits or while prosecuting on behalf of individual patent holders, inventors, and entrepreneurs who are the victims of intellectual property theft.

In a day where fewer firms are offering robust health plans to any employees, Garteiser Honea is currently stepping up its offerings on a range of Medical and Dental Insurance plans, 100% covered by the firm, and which cover spouses and families. These also include plans with Health Savings Accounts.  At GH you can look forward to paid time off, a relaxed (but fast-paced) atmosphere, and a supportive work environment.  Our main offices are in beautiful Tyler, Texas and lovely Marin County, California. Both have substantial free parking and are within walking distance of the courthouse.

For specific information on our health, dental, or other benefit plans, please contact our Human Resources department.