Your Development and Experience

Are you in school, carefully crafting your destiny, dreaming that one day you will be the kind of legal superhero most people don’t really believe exists? Would you like to work within 100 feet of your courthouse? Or are you a seasoned attorney, already able to hit the ground running and just looking for the fun, variety, and monetary-potential of working on high-stakes, high-profile cases in a top-notch firm? Wherever you are on your path, we’re here to advise and support you.

We hire legal geeks, tech geeks, patent geeks, and superstars.  Our staff have held prestigious clerkships with trial judges, previous experience at the kind of big firms we win against, and went to Top 20 law schools. They have started tech companies and have undergraduate degrees all across the board. But even if you haven’t done any of that, if you feel you’d be an asset to the team, please apply and tell us why you’re one of us—we can teach the skills, we’re looking for the fit.

Clerkship BonusAt Garteiser Honea, we also offer enticing clerkship bonuses.  Our signing bonus for Supreme Court Clerks stands at $150,000.  Those who clerk with district-level courts can expect a signing bonus of $100,000; and those who clerked at another court and have significant ancillary experience may expect up to $50,000.  If you have clerked in a major court, we want you.